Difference between a PVC, Beaded, and Wire Ropes

Difference between a PVC, Beaded, and Wire Ropes

Tommy Gaston


What's the difference between a PVC, Beaded, and Wire Ropes?

Beaded Rope
Let me start with the newly popular, especially for freestyle jumpers, the Beaded Rope. A beaded rope is composed of small tubular plastics, called 'beads'. There are two sizes in the market for beads, 1 inch and 2 inches. The popularly used by the pros is the 1-inch beads. Because of the beads, a beaded rope is slower in revolution and has more weight, thus a beaded rope also has more 'feel' or feedback. This means that you will know where the rope is during the revolution. If a beaded rope is slower and has more feel or feedback, it, therefore, means learning tricks are easier with a beaded rope. This is the reason some freestyle jumpers use beaded ropes more often.

Wire Rope
A wire rope is a traditional speed rope with a mechanism that is popular among CrossFit enthusiasts, although many CrossFit enthusiasts are already converted and have joined the movement of the PVC and Beaded Ropes. Among many types of ropes, a steel wire rope is the fastest in revolution because of its lightweight wire and the mechanism that help with the revolution. Because of that, a steel wire rope has no 'feel' of feedback. Because of that also, it's hard to do crossovers and other tricks aside from double unders.

PVC Rope
Last but not least, the PVC Rope. A PVC Rope is basically Speed + Feel. Did you notice? The PVC Rope features the best of both a Beaded (feel) and Wire (speed) ropes. This is the reason the PVC Rope is the most popular and preferred by most jumpers. Although a Beaded Rope has 'more' feel, the PVC Rope has the 'right' feel. Likewise, the PVC Rope also has the 'right' speed than a steel wire rope.

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